Monday, December 10, 2007

Water Sterilization system

Here is the water sterilization system I am setting up at the Be Tho orphanage inside the city of Bien Hoa. Many of the kids at this orphanage (125 in total) are handicapped. Approximately 40 of them have disabilities. They range from autism, mentally handicapped, deaf and mute, to being maimed. They currently boil water for cooking and drinking.

This system was designed at Saddleback College with the assistance of Professor Paul Curtis. We designed it in class to provide a solution for the children at this orphanage. It is a simple design able to treat thousands of gallons a day. It is durable and low maintenance with minimal service requirements. Parts are easily attainable and user friendly.
This system works with the particle filters. The water enters the first housing being filtered at 5 microns. The 2nd filter is rated at .5 microns. Its rated to filter out cyst and bacteria. The 3rd stage the water enters a carbon filter where any heavy metals are trapped in the filter. The last stage the water enters the ultra Violet tube where the rays are emitting a powerful wavelength killing any bactera or viruses. This system can sterilize and filter water at 2 gallons a minute.

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