Thursday, January 3, 2008

H2o system completed

Some of the photos you are viewing is the water sytem. Duke and I (yellow shirt) worked on the system for about 4 days with the help of the older kids at the orphanage. From right to left is Duke, Khanh (studying to be a cell phone tech), myself, Hung (studying to be a electrician), Thanh (at the local University), and Sister Vinh. Is is a big relief to know its working. We are dealing with electrical issues and basic plumbing stuff. We managed to all figure it out together collectively.
For me it was nerve racking with the electrical conversion since the UV sterilizer is sensitive to the power it takes. After several phone calls to Professor Paul Curtis at Saddeleback College, we were able to work out the electrical issues.

It is with much relief and joy to know that the issues has been running for the last 2 days. Knowing that Thanh, Khanh, and Hung were trained in how to operate the system brings me confidence it that they would know how to trouble shoot it when we are not here. We try to promote a system of sharing and learning when we come into contact with the locals. Never enforcing our standards or imposing ideas. We leave it up to them to change or incorporate new ideas.

The system was installed in the kitchen area. It is an irony on January 1, 2007 we celebrated the New Year working well into the dark. They had butchered a pig in the kitchen and what comes with it is bio hazard. Here we are working with a sterilization water system with blood on the floor and etc. As you can see with the photo it is mounted high so the little children of the orphanage does not accidently play with it.

We taught them basic cleansing agents such as bleach to wash the blood away on the ground and other surface areas. The inside of the 100 liter water tank also needed to be cleaned. We filled up the container with cleaned water and used bleach to sterilize it. They had just wanted to fill up the container and start using it. Its unknown if a rat had been in it or other health threats.

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