Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sold twice

What can you buy with $100? To fill up my tank of gas its about $50 and get about 350 miles out of it. I can go have sushi with some friends and the bill comes out to $100 with 4 of us. A pair of expensive shoes can cost $100. How about your designer purse that you are carrying.

Ly unknown last name, was sold twice by her mother. The neighbor's saw that she was sold by her mother twice. The 3rd time around when she was returned back to her mother the neighbors told Sister Vinh about the situation. Sister Vinh went to Ly'mother and persuaded her to give custody over. Ly has been living here at the orphanage for the past 4 months. A new addition to Be Tho. She has a spontaneous spirit with a resilient spirit to survive. She lights up the room with a smile when you are around her.

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