Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Being Blind

We were very fortunate to discover a group of visually impaired in the city of Da Lat. The place is a shack located near the Da Lat lake. They have about 4o blind individuals ranging in various age. Our group dropped off much needed supplies for them. They were living in a shack with blue tarp as walls. It was extremely dirty inside. Living quarters were substandard. This will be our follow up site to assist in our blind friends of Da Lat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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michael said...

i hope this posts as i am new to this blog thing

well i read your blog and i hope and pray that you can get many donations..........

i myself have been doing something like this informally for the past 4 years by myself for example giving a few tons of rice to orphans at the humanity house orphanageindirectly; i buy it from farmer who needed help so this was a twice beneficial to both parties involved.. as the farmer could not sell his rice for a good price and timely manner and get paid for it so i had him take the rice i bought from him and he deliver it to humanity house and then with the monry he was able to buy the hoage rice machine to do the intensive planting and rice planting set up with this diesel powered machine and he let others in the village use it so it really increased his yield capacity and much less work for him and humantiy house benefited with the rice i bought and he delivered sort of a double whammy

mostly i try to help street orphans to get them on their feet with education leading to jobs and/or what they need to be successful in their busineesses they come up with themselves

i was thinking of trying to get more exposure and more money to even help more and also to help your cause and start a charity officially just for viet orphans that are on the street but i do not know how to go about it

i was also thinking about a website and i typed into the computer viet orphans and came to your site by accident

i could use a website like this myself and i want to make it a legal thing also like a registered charity

i must admit i like what i see and your site has been an inspiration to me

i think it is well worth it and a necessary thing

may buddha and God bless you greatly

as these children are the poorest of the poor